Retail management program to track your sales data fast and easy

  • analysis of the most demanded products
  • ordering products based on demand analysis
  • forecasting and planning customer flows
  • other benefits to ensure effective sales

An ideal platform for retailing of different business types

Choose your business type

Fashion and clothing
Sports and active recreation
Fitness and nutritional supplements
Home supplies and gifts
Electrical appliances
Toys and hobbies
Goods for pets


Get acquainted with the benefits of the reliable, competent and simple RESICO sales software by looking through the DEMO version, which is available without registration.



Improve the efficiency of your sales processes

Advantages of RESICO software

A modern, simple and easy-to-use platform

that lets you start using it without special training.

A modern internet platform cloud solution.

Fast data exchange, instantly visible anywhere in the world, allowing you to make immediate changes right away.

Data-based decisions.

System reports and KPI dashboard provide a business vision based on true data that allows you to make accurate and legitimate decisions.

Smart warehouse management.

With the help of system tools there is a possibility to reduce the money invested in warehouse stocks; not to lose sales by anticipating and purchasing the most demanded goods in time.

All sales channels in one place.

Traditional store or cafe sales with cash register system, integrated woo-commerce e-commerce channel and CRM functionality for working with individual customers and suppliers.

Your data is safe!

For the RESICO sales platform leading information technology company Google cloud services are used, which are one of the safest service providers of this kind in the world.

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Payment procedure

One price applies to one address (location), if there are several cash registers in one address, then one address payment terms apply. If a business has multiple locations, then each of them is a subject to payment.

1 store = x price

2 stores = 2x price

Three payment plans

All service plans have unified, easy-to-use, reliable functionality.

1 month

6 months

12 months

When you purchase a service, you will be provided with:
  • Product list and cards. Product types - product, service, BOM
  • Activity logs – correction, relocation, BOM, inventory
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales invoices, offers, prepaid bills and credit notes
  • E-commerce integration (WooCommerce)
  • Suppliers
  • Clients
  • Mini CRM
  • Gift card solution
  • Reports (basic reports, stock estimates, VAT reports, transactions)
  • Overview, toplist, Revenue analysis, Replenishment report, Positioning
  • Stock analysis, Product categories report, Customer turnover report, Cash register system
  • Transaction summary report
  • Cash register system sales report builder
  • Printout of price tags
  • WEB cash register system (including Android apps)
  • Integration with CHD and RESICO cash register systems

Available cash register systems


Android Mini-POS

Resico WIN POS

How to get started?


Purchase a licence

Perform configuration and data entry


About us


2128 cash registers
21 countries
967 stores


  • We speak human language, but our solutions in numbers and data.
  • Any money transaction, product selection, even human interaction is not overlooked. All of this is accumulated, analyzed and converted into valuable information.
  • It lets you know what is happening in your company, what your customers prefer, how your staff works. Other POS functions are modern. Understandable to the user, tailored to the specifics of any company and reliable in the long term. RESICO software is – REliable, SImple, COmpetent.


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